Collaborative Divorce

Divorce can be a long and difficult process that can leave parties angry and resentful in many cases. In addition, the process can be extremely expensive due to the lengthy litigation that must take place in order to have various disputes resolved and other issues determined.

If you are facing divorce, then you need to evaluate your options considering the level of cooperation that may be possible between you and your spouse. If you believe that you and your spouse can discuss various issues civilly and come to reasonable agreements, then you may greatly benefit from the amicable option of collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is the process by which a couple will meet, discuss various terms of their divorce, and work together to resolve issues so that both parties are left reasonably happy and in better condition than before the process started. If you choose this option, then you will need a collaborative divorce attorney on your side who can advise you of all of the various nuances that will need to be addressed in order to successfully complete the process. Further, an attorney can ensure that you are not begin lied to and taken advantage of in the process.

Seeking collaborative divorce?

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